Highlights from the 2017 AGM

Richland County Fair Ground
Mansfield, Ohio

Once again, the PDCA AGM was held in conjunction with the OVDBA Show & Sale event. This event attracted breeders from Ohio, Tennessee

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Written by Laura Christofk, Grass Valley, CA Area Manager Region 2 

What a privilege it was to meet the OVDBA group. This is a very family oriented group, with an emphasis on promoting their youth. Jim Praissler, president of OVDBA (now outgoing president) was adamant about my understanding this important aspect of this club. The evidence of the group’s commitment to the youth was a free showmanship clinic on Friday afternoon, taught by champion showman Sally Coad of Freedom Farms, TN. The arena was packed with close to 20 cows and people of various ages! Seriously noisy, but lots of fun!

Throughout the year, the kids have opportunities to participate in various group activities relating to the club. The more they participate the more tickets with their name on it go into the raffle. After the big day of showing was over, the winning ticket was then drawn from the hat. The prize? Drum roll please… the most adorable little heifer you have ever seen! And I must point out that this is not a cull quality animal – in fact, I would rate this little heifer as top notch, with a temperament to match – seriously nice!! Now that is how you promote the youth and set an example of giving your best.

The only thing more cute than this little heifer were the pee-wees and juniors showing their animals. Oh, to see a little Dexter calf being paraded around by a little person about the same size… Just adorable.

But besides the little cuties in the show ring, there were some top notch showman of all ages from teens to adults. There were novice and masters, very well trained animals and some not so trained. Some sporting an impressive show clip job, as well as some that – show or no show- needed to keep their coats on a bit longer until warmer weather was not in question.

The diversity of the Dexter breed could not have been showcased better. Polled, horned, dehorned, red, black, dun, chondro carriers, chondro non-carriers, milky, beefy, bulls, cows, heifers, steers… it was all there. Even the breeders themselves were diversified. Some were focused on breeding for grass-fed beef, some on family milk cows, some on breeding show/4H stock, some had herds of 100+, some had just purchased their first Dexter. But what stood out was the multi-generational factor in all of them. Whether a big operation or the family’s first cow – parents and children were equally involved in one way or another, and all shared in the joy and hard work that goes along with participating in a big event like this.

The OVDBA Show and Sale can certainly boast, not only for the number of animals attended, but also for the diversity of breeders participating, but I would have to say that it felt more like a family reunion than a show. The camaraderie and helpfulness shown to one another completely overshadowed any competitive behaviors that one might expect to see at a traditional cattle show.

Thank you everyone at OVDBA for warmly welcoming me to your event and for your generous hospitality.

The show, the sale, the raffle, the potluck… great job everyone!