PDCA By-Laws



Article 1—Preamble
1.0  Name/Location

The name of this Corporation shall be Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America (PDCA).  Its principal office location shall be in any city or county as designated by the Board of Directors.

1.1  The PDCA is a non-profit corporation organized to develop, improve, and promote Dexter Cattle as a breed.  To this end, the PDCA activities may include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Recording and preserving the pedigrees of Purebred Dexter cattle, while maintaining integrity of the breed. This mandates the establishment and maintenance of a Registry.
  2. Providing services for its members to enhance and encourage Dexter cattle ownership.
  3. Support breed research.
  4. Generate growth of PDCA membership.
  5. Provide information and advertising of the Dexter breed.
  6. Establish and supervise a means of classifying Dexter cattle.

Article II—Governing

2.0  Officers

The officers of the PDCA shall be the President and Vice President.  These officers will be elected by the general membership through a mail ballot voting, according to the procedures listed in the Official Rules and Regulations.

  • President-The President shall perform the usual duties associated with this office. The duties requirements and election procedures are listed in the Official Rules and Regulations.
  • Vice-President-The Vice-President shall serve in the absence or incapacity of the President as determined by the Board of Directors. The Vice-President shall, in addition, perform other tasks assigned by the President or Board of Directors.  The duties, requirements and elections procedures for the Vice-President are listed in the Official Rules and Regulations

2.1 Executive Officers

Executive Officers are non-voting positions on the Board of Directors.

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The duties and requirements for these positions are listed in the Official Rules and Regulations.

2.2 The PDCA shall operate on a Fiscal Year basis—July 1 through June 30.

2.3 The Board of Directors of the PDCA shall manage the affairs of the Corporation and are empowered to act for the Corporation.  The Board of Directors shall consist of Area Managers, Officers, Executive Officers and Immediate Past President (advisory capacity only).  Elections, terms, duties and requirements for the Board of Directors are listed in the Official Rules and Regulations.

2.4 Staff Positions

The Board of Directors, being the governing body, may contract with individuals to support other services such as Registrar, Editor, Webmaster, etc…  Compensation shall be determined by individual contracts.

3.0  Membership

Any person, family, partnership or corporation owning registered Dexter cattle or having an interest in Dexter cattle is eligible for membership in the PDCA, by making application for membership and paying the annual dues.  There is only one vote allowed for each membership, regardless if individual, family, partnership or corporation.

3.1 Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held at a place and time designated by the Board of Directors.  Members will be given written notice of the meeting at least 60 days in advance, by publication in the quarterly publication (The Journal), mail or notice on the PDCA website.

3.2 Area Managers

(a) The term of each Area Manager will be three years.  In the case of an Area Manager becoming unable to complete their term, the President should recommend a replacement, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

(b) Nominations for the Area Managers will be solicited by the Nominating Committee/Election Committee from the members of that area by being posted in the PDCA quarterly publication (The Journal), mail or notice on the PDCA website.  The Secretary will review the nominations for eligibity and then forward them back to the Election Committee, who in turn will ask for resumes from the candidate.  Notice of the persons running for Area Manager will be given to the membership of that area by publication in the Journal, mail or PDCA website.  Ballots will be printed and forwarded to each eglible voting member who will in turn mail their ballot to the Chairman of the Nominating/Elections Committee.  Results will be published in the Journal.

3.3 Requirements and Duties of Area Managers

(a) To be eligible to be an area manager, the person must be a member of the PDCA and have been a breeder of Dexter cattle for the last five (5) years, must have registered an animal within the last three (3) years.  Must be in good standing (no charges or complaints against them).  The Area Manager must live in the area that he/she will represent.

(b) Area Manager is required to attend the AGM meeting.  Should a situation arise that precludes attendance, the Area Manager must notify the President of the Association and recommend a proxy to represent them from their area.

(c) It is expected that all Area Managers shall attend all meetings, be willing to give freely of their time and effort in helping solve the problems or situations of the Association, and continually be conscious of their responsibility toward the membership which they represent, to that end they do all possible to promote the breed wisely and to help maintain the highest possible standard of integrity for the Association.

(d) An Area Manager is expected to contribute articles for the Journal on a quarterly basis.  Deadlines are established for submission and must be adhered to for timely publication.

(e) In the event that an Area Manager fails to live up to the required standards, they may be removed from that position by request of the President and approval of the membership in the area they represent.  Notice of complaint against an Area Manager will be given in writing and the Area Manager shall have fifteen (15) days to respond.  At that time, if necessary the President will notify the membership and request a vote on removal.  A simple majority of votes will prevail.

(f) In the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors due to death, resignation, or removal for just reason, the President shall appoint a member from the area, subject to the approval of the board, to fill the remainder of the term.

3.4  State, Regional or Local Representatives

May be appointed by the Area Manager, to assist the Area Manager with the management of their particular area.  Representatives have no vote on the Board and are an advisor or representative of their particular area.

3.5  Committees

Committees are advisory units that are advisory only in furnishing information or assisting in providing information or recommendations that the Board may use in making decisions or acting upon.  Committee members have no vote on the Board.  Generally, the President, with the approval of the Board, establishes committees.  Committees are valuable tools in the help with particular problems or situations with members having particular knowledge or skills that add to the needed decisions of the Board of Directors.

3.6  Insurance

The Purebred Dexter Cattle Association shall provide insurance, covering the activities of the Officers, Area Managers, Annual General Meetings and any other activities approved by the PDCA.

3.7 Registrar

Registrar is responsible for accepting, verifying information included on the registration form and satisfying the PDCA requirements for inclusion in the Registry.  If the requirements are not met, then the Registrar shall refer the application to the Board, which will take the necessary actions, referring to the Genetics Committee for further study or advising the applicant that further testing is required.  “NO POLLED ANIMALS WILL RE REGISTERED FROM HORNED PARENTS.  WITHOUT A DNA TEST CONFIRMING THEIR PARENTAGE.”

3.8 Changes or Amendments

Changes or Amendments of the Bylaws shall be by a majority vote of the entire membership by mail.